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  • Mount Juliet Estate, Co. Kilkenny

    Mount Juliet Estate, Co. Kilkenny

  • Howth Castle and Demesne

    Howth Castle and Demesne

  • Townsend Street, Dublin 2

    Townsend Street, Dublin 2

  • CItywest Hotel, Co. Dublin

    CItywest Hotel, Co. Dublin

  • Parnell Place, Cork

    Parnell Place, Cork

  • The Dawson Hotel, Dublin

    The Dawson Hotel, Dublin

  • Mark Street, Dublin 2

    Mark Street, Dublin 2

  • Macken House, Dublin 1

    Macken House, Dublin 1

  • Capel Street, Dublin 1

    Capel Street, Dublin 1

Tetrarch Capital

Formed in 2011, Tetrarch is a leading player in Irish real estate with assets under management of circa €500 million. Tetrarch has a proven track record of sourcing opportunistic acquisitions with significant value add potential, having completed over 25 property and portfolio transactions to date. The portfolio includes hospitality, commercial and development assets,  in addition to significant land holdings and short to medium term development potential.